3rd Dan Belt Black In Jujitsu.

I started my Ju-Jitsu career quite late (compared to most), in my early 30’s (not the 1930’s!). A friend of mine was a Black Belt at a club in Wanstead and one brave day, I joined the ranks of the white belts as a novice at this Club

My Sensei was Jeff Pelta – an excellent and patient teacher, who was a firm believer in strong technical skills. I trained there for a number of years and slowly progressed to Purple Belt – the Wanstead Ju Jitsu Club was one of those clubs where you really earned your belts!

Having moved to North London some years before, the twice-weekly commute to Wanstead became too much. I trained for shorter periods at a couple more Clubs and then took an enforced break, after a shoulder injury. Eventually, just by chance, I came across Total Self Defense in Whetstone… it had been on my doorstep for years but I had never ventured in. I started as a Purple Belt and with support from all of the Sensei’s, progressed through both levels of Brown Belt and in December 2010, to Shodan Black Belt.

Achieving a Black Belt has always been a quiet ambition for me… something that you can only do for yourself, with hard work. I would (and do) recommend the Club to all. Another few years on the mat and I have now progressed to Nidan (2nd Dan).

I want to thank Kyoshi Steve McDade, Sensei Ioannis, Sensei Ibush and Sensei Gary Kattenhorn who have been so helpful and generous with their time and advice.  I have felt welcome in the club from the very first day.

Perseverance and hours on the mat are the way to succeed at Ju Jitsu.

Sensei Alan features in this Stood Training Video along with Sensei Dino