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Self Defence

Self Defence

Jujitsu Martial Arts

Street Self-Defence!

Jujitsu for Self Defence

Is today’s modern Japanese Jujitsu an effective form of street Self-defence? Very much so!

Today’s modern styles of Jujitsu encompass striking, kicking and blocking techniques within their Syllabus. They incorporate ground fighting techniques designed to defend yourself “when”, not if, the fight goes to the ground.

Modern styles of Jujitsu use modern items you carry every day as weapons you can use to defend yourself – belts, certain types of hats, scarves, bank cards, magazines, glasses etc.

All very effective weapons, even as effective as the Wakizashi and Tanto and all are legal to carry with you on the street.

Yes, modern styles do carry many traditions with them, still using throws, joint locking, bone manipulation and chokes within their syllabus, but together with modern techniques designed to be used in today’s modern world, not for sport but for self-protection.

The Role of Compassion

One consideration to take into account in teaching martial arts is that of Compassion.

Compassion in self-defence almost sounds counter-intuitive but let’s think about it.

If someone attacks you on the street for money or with the intention of hurting you, does that act give us the right to beat on that person to the point of unconsciousness?

Does that action give us the right to break bones or even kill? If someone is that confused in their own life that without provocation they decide to hurt you, do have the right to defend yourself?

Yes, you do, but it should never give you the right to hurt or create so much destruction on another human being that it causes great regret in you and in your attacker.

Compassion in Combat should always be foremost on one’s mind in today’s world of self-defence.

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Top International Chief Instructors

Kyoshi Steve McDade

Kyoshi Steve McDade

9th Dan, Founder

Steve McDade is an instructor of international repute and is a founding member of TSD, having trained for over 40 years

Soke Jim McDade

Soke Jim McDade

10th Dan, Founder

Jim McDade is an instructor of international repute and is a founding member of TSD, having trained for over 60 years