In Memory of

Soke Dick Morris

Soke Dick Morris

Soke Morris passed away in 2019 and a remembrance day was held in his honour.

It was a joyful celebration attended by family, friends and students of Dick  Morris, including our chief instructors Jim and Steve Mcdade.

Soki James McDade, was one of his first 4 students in the UK.

It was a fantastic way  to say good bye to an unforgettable  legend in martial arts.

8th & 10th Dan Awards

Taking time out from his busy schedule, Soke Morris came along to Total Self Defence in March 2015 and awarded 8th and 10 dan  certificates to Steve and Jim McDade respectively

Below is a quote from Kyoshi Steve McDade

It was truly an honour receiving our 8th and 10th dan awards from the legend that is Soke Richard Morris – it was definitely one of the proudest moments of our lives

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Dick Morris In Action


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Soke Morris at TSD March 2015