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Total SelF Defence

Jujitsu Training

We specialise in a range of martial art services.

  • Self defence for kids and adults
  • Self defence course for Women
  • Private one to one tuition
  • Jujitsu Training
  • Kids anti bullying techniques

We teach self defence and traditional Jujitsu to children and adults across the North London and Hertfordshire areas.

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TotalSelfDefence - Jujitsu

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Total Self Defence - Jujitsu

Kyoshi Steve Mcdade

To Master others shows strength but Mastering yourself is true power

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Our Results in Numbers

The club has been going for many years and we have had considerable
success in training adult and junior black belts

Years Established
Adult Black-Belts
Junior Black-Belts
Total Self Defence

Top International Chief Instructors

Kyoshi Steve McDade

Kyoshi Steve McDade

8th Dan, Founder

Steve McDade is an instructor of international repute and is a founding member of TSD, having trained for over 40 years

Soke Jim McDade

Soke Jim McDade

10th Dan, Founder

Jim McDade is an instructor of international repute and is a founding member of TSD, having trained for over 60 years

People About Us

I have been training in Ju-Jitsu with Total Self Defence for the past 9 years and I can fully recommend it as a form of practical street protection

PC Usman Jaleel BedFord Police

I was immediately impressed with the completeness and no-nonsense functionality of jujitsu. I obtained my black belt  over 30 years ago and I am still training

Sensei Clare – Whetstone

My kids absolutely love your jiujitsu club. A professional and individual approach by Sensei Ibush and Sensei McDade. So, thank you a lot.

Sam (Parent) – Barnet

Upcoming Events & Gradings


11 Oct, Monday
Junior Black Belt in Oct?

Junior Black Belt grading is scheduled for the 11 October in Arkley – The dates need to be confirmed as it depends when lockdown is lifted – Watch this Space!!

24 Oct, Sunday
Orange Belt Grading

Adult Orange Belt Grading at Pix Brook Academy: Date needs to be confirmed as it depends when lock down is lifted. But hopefully, you will have had enough time to learn the necessary techniques AND to go through the previous belt’s techniques – lots of work!!!

15 Jan, Saturday
Blue Belt Grading

Adult Blue Belt Grading at Pix Brook Academy in Stotfold, nr Hitchin: As always, we need to confirm the date as it depends on lockdown.

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Recent Articles

Soke Morris

Soke Morris

Soke Richard Morris, founder of Jiu Jitsu International, previous founding member of WJJF with Soke Robert Clark (9th Dan Jiu Jitsu), and director of BJJA, was one of the UK’s greatest exponents of Jiu Jitsu and responsible for popularising the art in the west and bringing expert instructors together from across the world…

Sensei Mick Rothon

Sensei Mick Rothon

Congrats to Sensei Mick Rothon 8th Dan Award Well done to Sensei Mick Rothon who has just been awarded his 8th Dan by our chief instructors for a lifetime of amazing contributions and selfless dedication to jujitsu.

ITV Jujitsu Interview

ITV Jujitsu Interview

ITV at Total Self Defence Ltd ITV London News popped into our North London Dojo to interview Sensei Ibush, 5th Dan Japanese Jujitsu master, training with his two daughters, Bleta and Londrita. The daughters were spearheading the ThisGirlCan advertising campaign by Sport England aimed at getting more and more women to take up sports Very well done to Sensei Ibush…