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Self Defence for Adults

Adults Jujitsu

Why Learn Jujitsu?

At times the world can sometimes feel like a dangerous and overwhelming place.

It can be intimidating even to step outside and perform day-to-day activities alone, so how do you take back control and find the confidence to walk your neighbourhood freely, without concern or fear? You can find a path forward by learning self-defence through our adult’s jiu-jitsu classes, mastering a practical, real-world defensive and offensive fighting style.

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art based on throws, locks and strikes.  However, more than just a method of hand-to-hand combat, it is a physical and mental discipline, helping students focus anxious energy into something more productive and practical.

Increase Health & Fitness

As with any martial art, jiu-jitsu is a physical activity and one that will enable you to get in the best shape of your life.

Jiu-jitsu techniques demand flexibility and control, which means that as a beginner, you will be learning basics and conditioning yourself for the requirements of more advanced strategies and movements.

As you progress through each belt level, you will find yourself acutely aware of body positions as you become more in control of movements and manipulations.

Also, as a bonus side effect of dedicated training, you will find yourself growing stronger as your stamina and endurance increase significantly.

Advanced Techniques

Strood Jujitsu Seminar

Practical Self Defence

Jiu-jitsu is designed for real-world self-defence.

Most physical attacks end up on the ground, leaving those trained in upright combat at a significant disadvantage.

However, jiu-jitsu techniques teach you to fight standing up AND on the ground, meaning that it is uniquely adaptable to legitimate defensive needs.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning practical self-defence strategies that have real-world applications, then training in jiu-jitsu is likely what you are looking for,

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Another benefit of our jiu-jitsu training is found through stress relief and lowered anxiety due to regular exercise

It is a proven concept that exercise releases endorphins, which are considered the feel-good chemical in the body. However, the practice of techniques depends on repetition and routine, which creates some level of reassurance and comfort through discipline.

Training requires significant concentration, leaving little room for worry and anxiety while training.

Self Esteem & Confidence

jiu-jitsu training gives you the confidence and structure to build up your self-esteem.

As you progress through each training level, you will find yourself gaining respect for your abilities and your journey.

Confidence is critical to mastering a martial art, which is why our instructors guide you every step of the way, helping you to perfect the techniques.

Through increased focus and diligent practice, you will find yourself in better shape with less stress and more confidence than before.

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Soke James McDade

Soke James McDade

Soke James McDade 10th Dan Hanshi A life-time in Martial Arts Professor James McDade has dedicated his entire life to teaching Jitsu. He is internationally recognised as one of the leading exponents of this martial art and has trained since the 1960s. Prof J McDade first introduction to sport started in his school days at an early age by participating…

Sensei Alan Leslie

Sensei Alan Leslie

3rd Dan Belt Black In Jujitsu. I started my Ju-Jitsu career quite late (compared to most), in my early 30’s (not the 1930’s!). A friend of mine was a Black Belt at a club in Wanstead and one brave day, I joined the ranks of the white belts as a novice at this Club My Sensei was Jeff Pelta – an…

Renshi Steve Brooks

Renshi Steve Brooks

5th Dan Black Belt Jujitsu. As an instructor, Steve Brooks is very passionate about supporting all students to believe in their individual abilities and realising their potential. The first film I ever watched on video in my life was the Fist of Fury part 1.  Wow Bruce Lee!!   His attitude, the way he moved. This is going to sound like…

Steve Adams – Jujitsu Instructor

Steve Adams – Jujitsu Instructor

4th Dan Belt Black Jujitsu Instructor Steve started training at our Stotfold Jujitsu Club in 2003 after watching his children train.  Kyoshi Steve McDade, our chief instructor, encouraged him to start training and has been a continuous influence and support since he started. Steve achieved his 1st Dan in October 2010 and is presently 2nd  Dan. Quiet by nature, Steve…

Kyoshi Steve McDade

Kyoshi Steve McDade

World Renowned 9th Dan Belt Black Jiu Jitsu Instructor. First let me welcome you to our website and I hope you enjoy it whether you are a martial artist or novice interested in learning self-defence. I have held a Senior black belt grade in the Mother Art since 1983 and in that time I have been fortunate enough to have…

Renshi Ioannis Amaslidis

Renshi Ioannis Amaslidis

4th Dan Belt Black In Jujitsu After hearing from friends how fulfilling and enjoyable ju-jitsu is, I decided to join Total Self Defence within a month; I knew ju-jitsu would be a life-long interest for me. I like the techniques I learn, the atmosphere of the dojo, and the honour of teaching and being taught. The sensei’s are very considerate,…

Shihan Ibush 6th Dan

Shihan Ibush 6th Dan

I am from Kosovo, and while I was in my country I have been training in Judo and Karate for more than 5 years. But when I came to England I was very interested to start a new style, which is Ju-Jitsu.

Since I started training in Ju-Jitsu I have realised that I have got more confidence in myself and feel I can handle any situation far better than ever I could before because in Ju-Jitsu we use the power of the attacker and we learn close and distance self defence fighting skills including grappling etc


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+What is Jujitsu?
It’s a traditional Japanese martial art. It’s a defensive art, which uses joint locks, throws and strikes to defend a variety of different attacks. We teach a modern form of it, adapted to take into account the sort of self-defence situations you might find yourself in today (less armour and fewer horses, more punches and pub brawl type attacks)
+How do I start?
Excellent, we love people who like getting stuck in and starting is easy. Training is free for the first week – nothing to pay! Check our training times and turn up to any convenient class to meet the instructor, it helps if you can be there 5 mins early.
+What to wear?
Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move around and get a bit hot and sweaty in. Tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt are ideal but as long as clothing isn’t too restrictive, it doesn’t really matter.  Because Jiu-Jitsu is a contact sport, for safety reasons you should also remove or secure any jewellery and tie your hair back if it is long. After a few weeks, you might want to buy a white training suit (gi) but this is not essential at first.
+I am not very fit - does it matter?
Almost certainly not, but you’ll only know if you try.  Jiu-Jitsu works on the principle of redirecting an attacker’s force and momentum against them, using the minimum necessary effort to produce the maximum effect.  This means you don’t have to be particularly big or strong to do well, and you don’t have to be fit to start with, although you will find you get fitter!  If you have a particular concern, contact our instructors who will be happy to discuss it with you.
+How much does it cost?
You will find we are extremely good value for money as our clubs charge the minimum necessary to cover their hall fees and other costs of running the club. The cost of training once a week is £40/month. The cost of training twice a week is just £50/month.
+What are the benefits of training
Training regularly will improve your fitness, coordination, flexibility and balance as well as your capacity to deal with aggression.  Jiu-Jitsu is also very good for developing the kind of self-awareness and mental toughness that can lead to an increase in self-confidence.