5th Dan Black Belt Jujitsu.

As an instructor, Steve Brooks is very passionate about supporting all students to believe in their individual abilities and realising their potential.

The first film I ever watched on video in my life was the Fist of Fury part 1.  Wow Bruce Lee!!   His attitude, the way he moved. This is going to sound like a cliché but that was it for me.  I studied Judo when I was 7 but got bored of fighting 17 year olds when I was 11.

My father died in 2003, he had always told me that I had wasted my talent when I stopped doing Judo back in the day.  I was determined to find a martial art, to see if he was right.  I walked into Sensei Steve Mcdade’s dojo in 2006 and knew instantly that he was the man I had been looking for.

Ju-jitsu has given me a joy and a meaning to my training.  As my dad used to say “Anyone can box or go to the gym and lift weights!”  Jujitsu is special and has improved my confidence my focus and my fitness.  I still go to the gym, but ju-jitsu is part of my life and will be forever. 

” Jujitsu for me is a continuous challenge with many rewards and one of my main personal highlights was passing my 4th Dan..”

Sensei Steve features in this Strood Jujitsu Workshop Video