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Juniors Self Defence

Juniors 12 to 17 years

Juniors Self Defence

Juniors Beginners Class

The students will learn how to break fall if they are attacked without harming themselves.

They will also learn how to take up a suitable defence should they find themselves on the ground.

The grades for the juniors beginners class start off with Red belt and progress to Orange Belt black stripe then when the students show that they are ready to grade to full Orange belt they are promoted to the Black Belt Club.

Juniors Black Belt Club

This class is for those students that have progressed through the grading program and have reached the grade of full Orange belt, and have shown maturity and commitment to achieve their ultimate goal of reaching Black Belt.

The students start to learn how to work as pairs with their training partners and are shown awesome self-defence techniques which involve throwing, grappling, striking, and moves that are specially designed for junior students so they can eventually become junior black belts and move on to the senior adult class.

Junior Black Belt Grading

Junior black belts on ITV!

Why train in Jujitsu?

Teen Jujitsu Benefits

Parents get a break!
It’s a great way for the parents to get a short break. as well as enabling your kids to learn self-defence.
Jiu-Jitsu provides many benefits to children that they can hold on to for life and create better individuals as a whole.
Problem Solving

Kids who learn martial arts like Jiu-Jitsu develop vital problem-solving skills.

This is a great way to sharpen young developing minds and comprehension


To be successful at Jujitsu discipline and hard work is required.

Having the structure, respect, and discipline that a martial art provides can be transferred into many other aspects of life.

In an age where PlayStation and smartphones cause teens to be more sedentary than ever, getting fit is a priority.
From the warm-up exercises to the throwing and striking techniques, Jiu-Jitsu is sure to get your sweat on, burn calories and energy, build strength and endurance
Make Friends

 Jiu-Jitsu brings in people from all walks of life and kids can meet new friends they may never have in any other way.

They will see each other all the time and creating strong friendships. They will learn to trust and depend on each when learning new techniques.

Self Defence

Jiu-Jitsu is a fantastic defence system for the street.

Martial arts, in general, teach you to be a calm and collected person and your child will  become better at avoiding and preventing nasty situations from arising before they start

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Jujitsu Kids

Bullying Advice

Bullying Advice

Brilliant Bullying Advice At Total Self Defence, we believe the best defence you can have against a bully is to be truly confident that you are strong in mind, body, and spirit. A positive self-image will lessen the likelihood that you will be targeted by a bully in the first place. Using martial arts to protect you must always be…

More Junior Black Belts

More Junior Black Belts

Stunning Black Belt Grading – Well Done! Jujitsu at it’s very best! Congratulations to our 6 new junior black belts and all those that took in this grading after missing last months. The standard was excellent with all techniques performed to an astonishingly good level. Well done team – you made your parents and your instructors very proud!

This Girl Can

This Girl Can

This Girl Can – TV AD Amazing Nationwide Advertising Campaign Londrita and Bleta, who both train at the Total Self Defence Ltd in North London were featured in the national advertising campaign, This Girl Can, which encourages women to take up sport. The pic above shows the girls, father, Renshi Ibush Kabashi , proudly pointing at a poster featured throughout…

Junior Black Belts

Junior Black Belts

Fantastic Black Belt Grading Stunning Jujitsu Techniques! Congratulations to our two new amazing Junior Black Belts James & Mikey who did fantastically well and passed their Junior Black Belt Grading It takes hard work, discipline, maturity, fitness and a training ethic second to none to achieve the level of excellence that they demonstrated throughout their grading techniques. Very well deserved…


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+Will Jujitsu make my child violent?
No way! In fact, it’s just the opposite. Martial arts makes kids calmer and more respectful than ever. Children who have a positive outlet for their energy, who are taught self-control and who participate in activities that boost their confidence and self-esteem, have proven to be calmer, less prone to violent outbursts and more easily able to resolve conflict without becoming physical. They are also taught to understand that with acquired skill comes responsibility.

Martial arts is about peace, helpfulness and disciplined respect, not violence & disrespect.

+How often should students attend the class
We recommend regular attendance of 2 times a week to progress and get the most out of our program. (2 times a week is what we consider perfect attendance). You are welcome to attend as many classes a week as you like
+Will my child get hurt?
As a parent, you know that kids can get injured doing just about anything. Martial arts is no different, however we take safety very seriously here. We do everything in our power to avoid injuries. We have excellent instructors and assistants who are ALWAYS keeping a very close eye on everything going on to ensure safety.

Our curriculum is designed to help students achieve their absolute very best, but to also be very aware of their safety.

+Is it just for boys or can girls take part as well?
If we’ve learned anything in our years of teaching, it is that girls are just as tough as boys. Many are even tougher! So, don’t worry about your little girl getting hurt, or feeling scared because she’ll be practising with boys – the boys, in fact, maybe the ones who are scared.
+My Child isn't sporty - will he have a hard time?
Yes! Martial arts is for athletes and non-athletes alike. In fact, martial arts is often a “home” for kids who don’t excel at team sports. Kids who have trouble in football, hockey etc. often come to martial arts and do extremely well. And it’s okay if your child is not athletic right now. Through our classes, they’ll get in great shape and become very athletic. There are no bench warmers at our club! Just awesome students & families.
+When is the best time to start Jujitsu?
Training at TSD is more than just a seasonal sport, it’s actually not a sport at all, but a continuous life-changing adventure, where you & your child will learn to Win at Life. We have new students starting every day, so even if you’re the new student today, someone else will be new tomorrow.
Total Self Defence

Top International Chief Instructors

Kyoshi Steve McDade

Kyoshi Steve McDade

9th Dan, Founder

Steve McDade is an instructor of international repute and is a founding member of TSD, having trained for over 40 years

Soke Jim McDade

Soke Jim McDade

10th Dan, Founder

Jim McDade is an instructor of international repute and is a founding member of TSD, having trained for over 60 years