1st Dan Belt Black In Jujitsu.

I was born 1995 in North London. At present I am a student at university studying for a BSc in Physiotherapy.

I currently live with my parents in Enfield, Herts. I got hooked on jujitsu from the age of 7. My next door neighbour at the time was one of the instructors at the Whetstone Club, so I used to go along with him to train in the kid’s jujitsu class.

I was a junior black belt at the age of sixteen. I was finally awarded an adult black belt at the age of 19.

Jujitsu has helped me throughout my life in a lot of ways. When I was a kid I had anger management problems to put it mildly and needed specialist treatment to cope. Jujitsu training was an invaluable tool in my coping strategy.

My eventual goal in life is to be a fitness trainer and physiotherapist, as well as becoming a jujitsu instructor