1st Dan Belt Black In Jujitsu

I have always had a keen interest in training in the martial arts and as a nervous wreck, it took confidence that I never knew I had to walk into a club for the first time. That first step is a big one.

I sampled Karate, Judo and Kung Fu when I was younger but my training tailed off as other things in life took over, leaving me less and less time to train.

Years later I was out and about with my good friend when he said ‘fancy doing a martial art?’ A couple of days later I was back to being a nervous jelly again feeling like a complete misfit on the mat of Meadway Jujitsu Club as it was then called. We had decided to watch a class first.

We were immediately hooked on the incredible techniques we saw men and women of all shapes and sizes dispatching and couldn’t wait to start training. Much to our surprise we were on the mat with normal people that had everyday jobs like us. We never looked back.

I was extremely fortunate to have received the bulk of our training directly from Professor James Mcdade, Master Steve Mcdade and Sensei Bob Carmichael.

My advice is if you want to take that first step, just do it. You will undoubtedly benefit in a way you never expected to.

Sensei Paul can be seen in the video below